A Month of Faves: {My Faves From The Week!}

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You guys.. I have a secret (well not so secret now!) confession. I haven’t read ALL the posts from this week. I’m caught up on Monday and Thursday posts since ya’ll linked up at my blog (just read them today tho!) and I’m beginning to catch up on Tues and Wed posts. Friday- I’ll get them to sometime!

Why I am so late? Life. The kitty cat had his pin removed yesterday and was groggy from the meds and was just so pitiful. Then other things like a tree getting decorated, trying to sort out all the family Christmas get togethers- and ya’ll, I’m tired!

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Looking Back: 2014 Futuristic Friday Picks {How Many Did I Read?}

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So 2014 was the birth of a joint feature called Futuristic Friday. I asked Katie @ Doing Dewey to join in and she quickly agreed. For me, it’s been the best- me and Katie do have some similar reading tastes (we are both She Reads bloggers!) but Katie also loves her some nonfiction and other books- books that would fly under my radar without her mentioning them and making me aware!

When this feature started, it was something I needed. I need to break down the reading year into smaller chunks, to find the books I want to read and to focus on that (which then frees up my mind to sort through interesting review requests/free range reading) So, I told Katie that toward the end of the year, I was going to do a post that tallied up how many books I suggested/read…. Here is the post!

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Beth Albright, author of Christmas In Dixie, shares her favorite Christmas memories! + Giveaway!



Christmas in Dixie by Beth Albright

Today, I have Beth Albright stopping by to talk about her favorite Christmas memories. You might remember Beth from her books The Sassy Belles, Wedding Belles, Sleigh Belles and Saved by The Belles.


So sit down and let Beth’s tale of Christmas memories out you in the holiday spirit!

Christmas Memories by Beth Albright

I have always felt particularly blessed when it comes to Christmas memories. I have so many wonderful memories from childhood. They are sprinkled with stardust, filled with magic and laughter. I can honestly remember every year during the school Christmas party, I would look around my classroom filled with snaggle-toothed third graders and the smell of construction paper and paste and think how sorry I felt for all those poor children—they weren’t going to get to be at my Nanny’s house for Christmas. How in the world did I get so lucky? I always felt like I had won a prize—I got my family and no one else did. Continue reading

A Month of Faves { T’s Winter Survival Kit}

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We’ve been talking about many things for A Month of Faves- mostly bookish- but today is all about winter survival. I live in the South where we do have cold weather- but nothing like many states. I have to recall a comment that Wesley at Library Educated said regarding a post of mine about the temp being 19 degrees for a few days this past February. She was all “19 degrees- that’s cute that you think that is REALLY cold!” Of course, for me it was cold- but for Wesley, land of unending snow and where the wind chill gets negative temps- I realize that 19 degrees probably felt like a summer day. But still.. I stand by the fact that it was VERY cold during those days :)

But enough about that- I’m sure you are dying to know exactly what T uses in  her winter survival kit! Be sure and link up here- and then check out Estella’s Revenge! Continue reading

Christmas in Dixie by Beth Albright

Christmas in Dixie by Beth Albright

Photo Credit: Provided by Author


Traveling With T was sent a copy for review consideration.

Christmas In Dixie

“Christmas gifts aren’t always just a fun surprise. Sometimes they totally take your breath away.”

~ Blake O’Hara Bartholomew


From National Bestselling and award winning Author Beth Albright, comes a new, funny, heartwarming southern Christmas tale —told as only Beth Albright can tell.

Inheriting this old southern mansion might have been the best thing to ever happen to Hollywood chef Rhonda Cartwright. It brought her back home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, her long lost hometown. Restoring the old place to all its former glory, she is ready for the house to make its debut as Tuscaloosa’s new finest B&B. The Tuscaloosa Christmas Gala will be the stage for it all and it’s only a few days away. With her new lover and old best friends surrounding her, she is poised to finally get the life she has always dreamed of: safe and secure and predictable.

But just when Rhonda Cartwright thinks she has finally uncovered the last of the family secrets, a woman from the past shows up on her doorstep with secrets of her own. And just wait till Rhonda’s unpredictable, unapologetic mother appears at the Christmas Gala with a surprise date.

Christmas chaos ensues and Rhonda and her group of Belles will be on the case, trying to pull it all together before the big night of the Gala. Christmastime in the Deep South is almost always full of surprises. Just not this kind of surprise.

Rhonda needs a miracle to pull off the Gala, or a real life Santa—well maybe she’ll find both, right here in Dixie.

Beth Albright is at her southern best with this new series of sexy romance, laugh out loud comedy, and edge of your seat mystery—exactly what we have come to love in the Beth Albright brand! So grab your girlfriends and put on your seatbelts for this series, IN DIXIE, an exciting joyride through the Deep South that will keep you guessing laughing and crying until the final shocking pages.

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A Month of Faves: 5 Fave Winter Reads


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Today, we’re chatting it up about 5 Fave Winter Reads from LAST year. Ai yay yi! Folks, I had to go to my Goodreads page- and since I’m not the best at keeping up with it, I may be missing some real faves from last year- but here’s the 5 I could find that did rock my socks off!

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