A Month of Faves: 5 Fave Winter Reads


a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

Today, we’re chatting it up about 5 Fave Winter Reads from LAST year. Ai yay yi! Folks, I had to go to my Goodreads page- and since I’m not the best at keeping up with it, I may be missing some real faves from last year- but here’s the 5 I could find that did rock my socks off!

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A Month of Faves: {Some Very Much Liked Books of 2014}

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

I am SOOOOO late with this post! I was stumped with the prompt of Books that Blew Your Mind. I was like “Can I come up with enough to even post about it?” Then I got to checking out other posts- and I was like “Ok. I can modify this and list a few of my faves!”

So.. I am. I’m not doing a total faves list- because I’ve procrastinated. I’m still making choices. It’s late and I’m tired. My book ONCE UPON A GRIND is calling me. The kitty cats need to be fed. Whatever reason sounds good to you, that’s why I haven’t listed a complete list!

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Happy Birthday Traveling With T!


Happy 3rd bday traveling with t

Ya’ll! Yesterday, Traveling With T turned 3! Wondering where all the fan-fare was yesterday? Well, the internet had the nerve to go out before I could get the post finished!!! (Grrrrrrr………) But fear not- I am a gal who likes to celebrate multiple times! So, yesterday, I enjoyed a yummy Krispy Kreme doughnut (so good!) and homemade pizza (mmmm.. sausage and red bell pepper!) and cursed the internet multiple times. Continue reading

A Month of Faves: Evanovich vs. Evanovich

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

Well darling folks- it’s WEEK 3 of A Month of Faves! It seems like yesterday that Tanya @ Girlxoxo was emailing around and looking for hosts for this month!

I’ve had the best time “meeting” new bloggers and interacting with ya’ll! I can’t wait to see what Girlxoxo and Estella’s Revenge (creator and host of #amonthoffaves) have come up with next! Today’s linkup is here (sorry I’m late- internet probs this weekend!) Continue reading

A Month of Faves: Favorites From Week 2

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

You GUYS! Is it me or has week 2 flew by in a flurry of posts? I am loving all the posts. LOVING them. But I have a teensy thing to say- and to borrow a line from my fav kid book- The Monster At The End of The Book- if you guys don’t stop with all these fab posts- you’re going to make a mess of my bloggy world. I’ve got sticky notes all over the place reminding myself to find you on Twitter, to add you to my Bloglovin’ feed, to check back on this and that- and my desk is ONE HOT MESS. Please let me have a day where I can my hot desk mess cleaned up, caught up, and then continue on with your fab selves.

So since we are at end of week 2- is everyone having fun?! I hope so! We have major snaps to Girlxoxo for creating this event and for Estella’s Revenge in her hosting help!

But enough jibber-jabber, right? (I can TOTES see you thinking that!) And on to my Favorite Posts from Week 2! Continue reading

A Month of Faves: 5 Fave TV Shows

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

So today is either Digital Life Hacks or 5 Fave Non-bookish things. Since Estella’s Revenge is hosting the link-up and I’m sure she’s got some fab Digital Life Hacks- I’m going to babble on about other fave things of mine- TELEVISION!!! I wonder what Girlxoxo will be chatting about?! Can’t wait to see! Continue reading

A Month of Faves: Timeline of 2014 Reading




a month of favorites event GirlXoxo


So today is the Timeline of 2014. And let me tell you- I have TIMELINE ENVY. You people must LOVE you some stats. I’m seeing such CREATIVE posts… and then this blah post is mine. Oh I’ve tried to make it a bit extra juicy- but I’m at a disadvantage. My Goodreads stats are… oh what’s the word… PITIFUL. But next year- I’m going to be all WOWZA with tons of glittery and sparkly stats. Maybe.

Check out Estella’s Revenge post and just die of envy. And then just link up all your super-fab posts here at Traveling With T. And be sure and drop by Girlxoxo- she’s the super-fab creator of this event!

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