Parchment and Old Lace by Laura Childs

parchment and old lace by laura childs

Photo Credit: Berkley 10/6/2015

This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Parchment and Old Lace

Carmela is having a lovely night with the man that puts the va-va-voom in her heartbeat- Detective Edgar Babcock. A nice dinner, a walk home with moonlight and romance in the air- well, life doesn’t get much sweeter for Carmela.


Screams are heard from the cemetery as Edgar and Carmela walk by. Edgar races off to find out what is happening and Carmela is close behind. The cemetery on a normal day is spooky enough- but at night, it’s off the charts spooky. Especially when Carmela discovers who was screaming…. Continue reading

{Giveaway} Bliss by Shay Mitchell and Michaela Blaney

giveaway giveaway

Hey readers of Traveling With T! Today, I have a giveaway of BLISS by Shay Mitchell (you might know her from PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) and Michaela Blaney.

This debut novel will be available on 10/6 from St. Martin’s Press- and big thanks to them for providing a giveaway copy for you, the darling readers of Traveling With T!

Want to know more about BLISS? Walk this way…. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……….

literary friday


Hello! And welcome to a late night edition of Literary Friday! This week has flown by (or maybe it’s because I was on vacation through Tuesday- so I’ve had a short week!) Anyway, this Literary Friday is going to be short and sweet because while I did plan ahead for my blog posts- I have not found a minion to take over reading my emails or searching out best posts for my Literary Friday. But enough about that- let’s get this party started!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Banned Book Week, Diane Chamberlain interview and much more!


2. Giveaways: Traveling With T has 2 happening: MENAGERIE by Rachel Vincent and A Visa Gift Card up to $1,000 bucks from author Peter Golden. Doing Dewey has 1 that readers will be particularly interested in- AFTER YOU by JoJo Moyes. And lastly, Always With A Book has one for a book that I have in my reading stack- NIGHT BLINDNESS!  Continue reading

{Giveaway} Peter Golden, Wherever There Is Light, is giving away a Visa Gift Card up to 1,000 dollars!

giveaway giveaway

Hey ya’ll! To celebrate his new fiction novel, WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT, author Peter Golden will be giving away a Visa gift card up to a $1,000.

Why do I say up to a $1,000 dollars? Well the more entries in the giveaway- the more the card is worth! So, if only 200 people enter the giveaway- then it’s a 200 dollar Visa gift card (which is still pretty sweet- think of all the books you can buy!)

Before we get into the giveaway- check out the summary of WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT and add it to your TBR list! Look for it November 3rd from Atria Books! Continue reading

5 Reads To Put The Ho-Ho-Ho In Your Holiday!

Books For The Holidays


I know! I know! It’s just practically the end of September and yet here is a post about holiday reading. I KNOW.

But, it’s happening folks- the holidays are fast approaching, there is only 86 days till Christmas Eve and all that jazz (I’ll refrain from screaming about how many shopping days we have left!)

So, picture this: It’s the holidays and you have a big cup of steaming hot cocoa. The blankets are wrapped around you, maybe the fire is crackling nearby. Possibly there is the scent of freshly baked cookies in the air. When you picture this- what do you picture reading? If it’s a sweet holiday themed book- I’ve got 5 that you should take a gander at (2 I’ve read already and 3 I’m looking to add to my holiday rotation!)

Ready? Let’s check them out shall we………. Continue reading